Lithuanian serious gamers making progress

Lithuanian start-up Simformer, is flying the flag for serious games in the region and is hoping to achieve growth with its range of adaptable business training applications which it calls Simformer Business Simulation.

The Vilnius-based company was set up 18 months ago and has created a number of different simulations which have been used in business and academic training situations.

Business simulation titles include Corporation in Distress, Production Line, Balanced Retail, Budget Retail and Premium Retail plus Crisis Terminator.

Chief operating officer Anton Makarevich told SGI: “We wanted to connect between the theory and the practice. That was the key thing for us. Our system is very complex but flexible and can do almost anything you want. There are no limits to how you can configure the game.

In Corporation in Distress for example, sales teams compete against each other over two days of training.

“We put them into a situation where everyone had their own company and it was pre-configured that it was almost bankrupt and the goal was to survive and make as much profit as possible.”

The firm’s own business instructors attend the sessions to help with the training.

“The key feature is that it is a virtual economy but run by real people. The key thing is to be able to apply certain skills and practice skills and connect them in practice.

“You can change the settings in the game to adapt to own situation. We expect this sort of solution to be required because of the key thing which is practice and which is useful in all aspects of employee assessment and student profiling.”

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