Big Brainz bought by Imagine

US language and literacy software developer, Imagine Learning, has acquired maths software specialist Big Brainz.

“Too many American kids are falling behind in maths and reading fluency,” said Joe Swenson, CEO of Imagine Learning. “The National Assessment of Educational Progress recently reported that fourth- and eighth-graders’ maths assessment scores fell several points in 2015. At Imagine Learning, we want to reverse the trend of low maths scores. We’ve always been passionate about language and literacy, and with Big Brainz, we give kids access to maths literacy as well.”

Big Brainz was developed to help young students quickly gain automaticity and maths fluency in a memorable way. Students master math facts through a series of engaging, game-based activities and must demonstrate their mastery of key facts before they move to new learning levels.

“Initially, we set out twelve years ago to cure some of education’s most critical challenges,” explains Ben Harrison, founder of Big Brainz and current developer at Imagine Learning. “While we did accomplish a lot on a smaller scale, being a part of Imagine Learning now allows us to bring a critical math-facts component to even more kids.”

Jeremy Cowdrey, Imagine Learning’s Executive Director of Sales and Marketing, added: “Imagine Learning is already a great program for teachers, partly because it offers actionable data about students who need extra help. Big Brainz gives teachers a similar teaching tool, indicating which students have mastered math facts and which students still need more work.”

“Now that Big Brainz is a part of Imagine Learning, we know that we have limitless potential to impact students’ knowledge and love of math. We look forward to great new adventures ahead,” added Harrison.

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