About us

What is seriousgamesindustry.com?

seriousgamesindustry.com is the destination site for the business of gamification and serious gaming.

Seriousgamesindustry.com consists in:

  • Centralised international news feed and weekly newsletter
  • In-depth articles and exclusive interviews from market leaders
  • Directory enabling you to search, identify and contact potential service providers
  • Call for tender functionality
  • Members case studies demonstrating usage of serious gaming and gamification

Why join us?

We believe that the current growth of the gamification and serious gaming market is about to accelerate for the following reasons:

  • The Digital Generation which will represent 75% of the workforce by 2025 is used to spending time on play-based activity. With an average age of 27 and an almost equal split between women and men, players are already working in your company.
  • The play platform is no longer the console but the PC and the smartphone – both part of work environment.
  • Current technology now allows competitively priced, flexible, easy-to-deploy gamification programs and serious games to address specific marketing or training objectives.
  • The increasing popularity of e-learning has created a strong demand for alternative engagement techniques from onsite trainers. Gamification and seriousgames can be answers.
  • Gaming can cut through the ambient communication noise and help create deeper engagement with your audience.

Why using games is pertinent to training and communication?

Gamification and seriousgaming have unique characteristics which make them ideal as learning and communication tools:

  • Competition: we all have a competitive side, games allow us to express it.
  • Socialisation: interacting with other users, establishing a role and gaining status are the motivational factors that draw people into games.
  • Experimentation: gamers learn by experimenting instead of studying, a fundamental difference with other forms of e-learning. Games can recreate contexts and scenarios that put the user in situ.
  • Trial and error is a fundamental of game design. Good games give players the right to make mistakes and learn from them.
  • Virality: the viral power of games make them a hugely cost effective way to convey a corporate or advertising message
  • Engagement: users are actors, their level of engagement with the training or the brand is second to none

Key members

Jerome Gastaldi / CEO

Jerome Gastaldi has been running companies delivering interactive content to end users for 25 years. His fields of expertise include educational software, online services, video games and simulations. Jerome is a firm believer in the possibility offered by new technology in terms of learning and marketing, he is the founder of seriousgamesindustry.com.

Ronnie Dungan / Head of content

Ronnie Dungan has an unrivalled experience in B2B publishing across sectors as varied as video games, marketing, toys and music, editing market-leading titles in each and becoming a sought-after spokesman in print, online and national broadcast media.