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deloitte serious game

Deloitte gets serious

Business giant Deloitte, is using serious game as part of its selection process for apprenticeships.  The firm is using it to find 200 recruits for a business apprenticeship scheme. The game, called Firefly Freedom and developed by Arctic Shores, will be used to assess the “innovation, creativity and problem-solving” of applicants, aged around 17 or 18. Applicants will play for 20 to 30 minutes, with challenges in the game designed to show personality traits or a “candidate’s natural preferences”.

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seriousgames Lensa

Lensa readies HR launch

Lensa, a tech startup aiming to help companies identify ideal employees and job seekers pinpoint career opportunities, will launch in the US this autumn at the HR Tech Conference in Las Vegas.

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seriousgame manzalab

Lab technicians

French serious games company Manzalab, has an impressive roster of clients past and present and is applying its Replica dialogue system to a number of different training scenarios from HR to social care. Ronnie Dungan spoke to president Clement Merville to find out more…

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eQuest gamifies job posters

US HR specialist eQuest has unveiled a new gamification posting tool that scores job posting user effectiveness through an online game and scoreboard.

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