FLAME game offers pharma sales solution

Rovi has launched ULUNAR with Developing People’s gamified solution FLAME.

One of the keys to success in the launching of a product in the pharmaceutical industry – as in other sectors – is to ensure that the team of sales representatives feels ready and engaged with the selling and promoting of the new product or service.

Sales representatives, whether in the pharmaceutical sector or elsewhere, prefer to sell and promote by default products that work for them and which they already know, instead of devoting time to a new bet.

In order for them to feel comfortable when it comes to introducing the new product or service, it is essential for them to acquire product knowledge (together with the information of the related clinical trials) and the differentiating arguments regarding products which already exist in the market, to break down the natural barriers towards something new.

In gamified tools such as FLAME, competition takes place between teams and it is actually team members who push their team mates. This is how the knowledge and commitment to win the game are acquired: these are key elements in the introduction of a new product.

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